Q: What is needed to become an iBuyProperty Affiliate?

You Get Free Affiliate Membership on completion of our Property Course.

Q: Can the affiliate program give me income and wealth?

At iBuyProperty you can earn income by promoting our property courses, but our policy is that you cannot promote something that you have not seen the benefit of yourself. Our goal is to give you all the tools, mindset and knowledge to buy your first property without a bond and this is what we will teach you how to do in our property course. We then also help you turn income into wealth which is income which is not connected to time. Once you have this, you too will see how valuable it is to help others do the same.

There is that old saying: The more you learn, the more you earn, but knowledge in itself holds no value. Knowledge is only valuable if you know how to apply it.

Q: How does the payment work?

We pay directly to your South African Bank Account.

Q: Is there a maximum earning cap?

There is no limit on the maximum earning.

Q: How does wealth creation (passive income) work?

Passive income is mostly NOT connected to time. At iBuyProperty, our focus is to help you create this type of income though affiliate marketing and property investment. Please note that property investment or property flipping can be a high risk business if you don't have cash flow.Our affiliate program can give you cash flow immediately which can then allow you to practice safe property investment techniques which is what we will train you to do in our course.

Q: How is earnings (income ) from the affiliate program calculated?

  1. You receive 40% of all products sold directly through your affiliate links.
  2. You receive 5% on your the sales made by all your referrals
  3. You get 5% on the sales made by all their referrals

Q: How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing where we reward our affiliates for visitors they send to buy our online property courses. Our World Class Affiliate Management System is automated tried and tested. You have full access and can track all your links leads and income in real time.

Q: What is the Affiliate Area?

The affiliate area is where you log into your account, create your profile, upload your picture and view your referral stats, generate affiliate links, and view your earnings get statements get payment receipts, and view and connect with your fellow property investors as they are your lifetime members and you may easily build a relationship with your fellow members here to move into bigger property deals in JV or Partnership structures.

Q: For how long will I be credited for referring a customer?

You receive 40% on lifetime purchases sold directly through your affiliate links as your referral is linked to your profile on their first successful purchase of a property course.

Q: If more than one affiliate refers a customer who is credited?

The last affiliate who referred the customer before he make his first payment is credited and the lifetime link is created.

Q: Is this guaranteed income?

You pay for a property course only. You also get FREE affiliate membership to have access to all our resources, but if you never refer anyone you will get affiliate income.

However once you have bought your first property without a bond and you realise how powerful our Property Training Course is, you will find sharing this opportunity a breeze.

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