Questions & Answers

Selling your Property

Q: How much will iBuyProperty pay for my property?

In property location, condition and rent income plays a role for us to determine the price we can pay for a property. The best way to get the answer to this question is to ask us for an offer. Let's see your property then we can put this answer for you in writing with a proper Offer-To-Purchase (OTP)

Q: Do you buy from Estate Agents?

Yes, we do, but we prefer to buy direct from the sellers.

Q: I signed a SOLE MANDATE with an estate agent. What now?

Most Sole Mandate forms is a ticket for the estate agent to get a piece of the pie, even if you contact us direct. You will have to read your sole mandate and see when it expires. If you, however, contact us directly while the sole mandate is still valid, you will unfortunately still have to pay your estate agent. If however, it is only a mandate and not a sole mandate, it is not a problem.

Q: Which areas do you buy?

We only buy in Midrand, Centurion and Pretoria

Q: Do you buy all the property offered to you?

We can only make you an offer. You have the power to decide if you would like to accept or not.

Q: What kind of property do you buy?

We only buy residential property which we can rent out to tenants. Unfortunately, we don't buy farms, plots, commercial or retail property.

Q: I have non-paying tenants in the property, is that a problem?

Not a problem, we'll still make you an offer. We'll pay for the eviction process once registered onto our name.

Q: We are getting divorced but my ex doesn't want to sell. How do I get my money out of the property?

We can present an offer to purchase which will allow your ex to remain in the property as our tenant which will set you free from the burden. Your ex will then be our tenant with the option to purchase the property back from us at a later stage. This works well to help one party get the capital share out of the property and allow the other party to remain in the property.

Q: We owe more on our property than what the market can offer, and we don't have money to pay the shortfall. Can you make us a better offer than what the market can offer?

Yes, we can. We have different methods of buying property. We structure a deal where we can offer you more than the current market as we are investors with long term ROI expectations..

Q: We are immigrating and have to leave fast. How long does it take to buy a property?

The buying process is a legal process by the appointed attorneys and can take between 2 and 3 months to complete. We can, however, pay occupational rent until the date of registration to help you with cash flow.

Q: Do you buy cash?

We have various methods and funds available and may also apply for bond finance. It all depends on the property deal. Some properties lend itself to a cash purchase while others require a bond if the deal is big.

If you would like to learn more about different methods of buying property and different methods of getting finance for the property deals then we would love to welcome you into our Affiliate Program. It will not only give you the knowledge it will also give you income and help you create wealth.

Q: What do you do with the property?

We buy property, then rents it out to tenants, and our dream is to help all our tenants to also become property investors though our Affiliate Program.

Q: I love my property and don't want to sell, but I cannot afford it anymore. Can you help me keep it?

Yes. Start by earning extra income through our Affiliate Program and pay off your bad debt. Once your cash flow is sorted out you can then join us as an investor and also buy properties to create wealth by using the knowledge you will gain through the affiliate program. Then when you have recovered you can also answer "Yes" to this question.

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