Founder -Heron van der Westhuizen

Heron van der Westhuizen founder of iBuyProperty started his career in the built environment as Civil Engineer & Project Manager on some of Gauteng's most prestigious Residential, Corporate, and Retail development projects. His past clients included Growthpoint, Zenprop, M&T Development, Sinovich Group, Anastasi Projects, Group 5, CJ Irons, PJJ van Vuuren, Retail Africa, Dorpstraat, Aucor and Investec.


His vast experience in serving on the professional teams of these often multibillion-rand developments led to the desire to find a way to fund these deals through creative financing models.


Heron believes there is no limitation to earning capacity when a mastermind of alliances is at work towards a common goal under the strict principle of ubuntu.


Today Heron gives back to his local community by serving on his local HOA. In his professional capacity, he is the founder of iBuyProperty(Pty)Ltd, a property investment firm. He is also professionally registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa and founder of Heron Network Consulting (Pty)Ltd a multidisciplinary engineering solution working in close alliance with the Integrate group of companies.


His favorite authors include Robert Kiyosaki, Napoleon Hill and Rhonda Byrne.


His burning desire is to help more people regain their self-worth by becoming property investors through creative methods of structuring property deals.


He has extensive experience in innovative property financing models and is currently actively involved on several property developments and serves as a property coach and is a long-standing premier member of the South African Property Investors Network (SAPIN)