Now you can sell your property directly to us!

We buy property in Gauteng

Fast and Easy!



We can buy your property cash

Subject only to us finding an approved tenant!

We can buy your property with our fund

We have a fast-growing database of pre-approved Rant2Buy clients for which our fund will buy property cash up to their certificate amount. All they now need is to fall in love with your property! This offer to you will be a cash offer only subject only to us matching one of our pre-approved Rent2Buy clients with your property!

We buy property with an ALA installment sale

This method of buying property is made possible through a lesser-known piece of legislation called the Alienation of Land Act no. 68 of 1981, which provides solid protection for both the seller and the buyer.

The Alienation of Land Act (ALA) enables a buyer to acquire property by paying the seller in more than two instalments and over a period longer than one year, but not longer than five years.

We now have the support of Estate agents to find a tenant or buyer for you whichever comes first!

We now have the excellent support of well-established estate agents who also list your property and help us find either a tenant or help you find a buyer, whichever comes first! So you get the best of all FOUR selling methods when you call us first!

Sell your property Fast and Easy!

Sell your property directly to us!


Tanya Pretorius

Your business is going to succeed in leaps and bounds…helping people & loving what you do is a winning combination!

Dee Kidivo

“Amen! I believe in ur passion to change lives Heron”

Carryn Stevens

“Thank you so much for the transparency. It is great to see that honest people do still exist.”
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