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Our vision is to help all our tenants also to become property investors and join our affiliate program to get immediate income...

  • Dee Kivido
    Dee Kivido - Last year we wanted to get rid of one of our properties the quickest possible way! Came across a name of Facebook. Must say at 1st I thought it was overrated! Was pleasantly surprised that after negotiations with the same week within about 30-40 days I was settled.  Stress free, no worry transaction! Heron has proved to deliver what he is so passionate about! Big shout out to him!
  • Ambrosius
    Ambrosius - Your online training Course is Amazing!!!. It is really value for money!! I'm am still halfway though Module One!

Heron & Robert Kiyosaki

Perhaps the reason why only 1% of people are seriously wealthy is because only 5% believe they can become wealthy and from that 5% only 4% actually try and from that 4% only 3% don't give up when others start to laugh and from that 3% only 2% have a burning desire and from that 2% only 1% have a bit of luck on their side.🙂

Heron - Founder of iBuyProperty

Last Updated 6th April 2020